Make your cat tree restoration more permanent with our durable, quality replacement parts! Our superior parts are made in the USA and are compatible with all major brands.


For over thirty-five years we have carved out a reputation for crafting the best quality feline furniture and parts money can buy. Our thicker walled cores give our columns more surface area for your kitties to scratch on and provide a stronger more durable support. Our sisal rope is thicker than the twine found on the brands commonly made overseas, and our plugs are solid pine that won’t crack like their plastic inserts.

Don't throw it out...FIX it!

With the disposable nature of mass produced cat
furniture, we find ourselves stuck in a cycle of buy, re-buy, and buy yet again.
Besides being wasteful, it’s EXPENSIVE! We build the BEST permanent repair parts for all the major brands. We help you break the cycle! Upgrade or repair
your current cat tree into one that may well last ALL of your cat’s nine lives!

  • "...Jezebel even started scratching the post before we could attach it to the base....I have your web site saved in my favorites. I appreciate the quality of your products... Jezebel and Wesley are avid and sometimes relentless scratchers. I'm sure your posts have saved my rugs and furniture from unthinkable abuse."

    SandyWoodbine, MD

  • "It's really great - and surprisingly stable considering how tall it is - I was ready to catch Jake when he leapt from the arm of the chair onto it but it was absolutely fine."

    Jay McBEdinburgh, Scotland

  • "Thomas, I received the first four posts. You really do quality work! One of my 6 week old kittens climbed to the platform at the top and actually found a way to get down......Craftsmen of your caliber are quite rare today"

    Marty, Palos Verdes Estates, CA