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Curved Perch - Fits Most Brands of Cat Trees

Curved Perch - Fits Most Brands of Cat Trees

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A simple curved perch -approx. 17x 8x2 in., painstakingly & lovingly crafted in the USA with skills developed over 35 years. A classic, time-tested design perfect for lounging. Built to last and support any average-sized cat. Upholstered with premium carpet. Column & hardware not included.

Colors: We ask that you let is choose from our best quality carpet inventory, and send your perch in a shade of brown, beige, or gray. If you have some specific color requirement, please let us know when you order. We don't take back something just because you don't like the color you received.

Note: The curved perch is completely carpeted - top & bottom. As a result, attaching it to a supporting column or post requires that the carpet be removed at the point of connection. We typically cut a circle from the center of the underside that will allow for a flush connection to the post, with a hole through the center to accommodate a bolt inserted from the top - down into a female end of a column. If you want to make your own decision concerning whether & where these modifications to the perch are made, please let us know when you order. Otherwise, we will assume that you are centering this perch on your post, and it will come ready to install onto a post in this way. This perch is not made with a threaded insert embedded in it, and won't easily accept a connection to a male protrusion from your post .We may recommend that you replace the supporting column, but this is not an absolute requirement. If you have questions regarding the installation if this perch, kindly contact us.

If you are unsure of which brand of cat tree you have, it is important that you refer to the FAQ page, under "I'm not sure what brand I have. Which parts do I need?"

To make an informed purchase: Before you order, please review our returns/refunds policy , which is the basis on which all sales are made.

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  • Custom Lengths

    We can make you custom length columns - anywhere from 6 to 47.5 inches. Please contact us for custom column quotes. In general, we need to know the brand of your cat tree or the thread type & size, plus whether your columns have any MALE ENDS (a rod protruding), and the exact length of the column(s) you need.

  • Discounts & Free Shipping!

    You will receive 20% off your order of $150 or more. We are also offering free shipping. Please order now while these terms are in effect.

  • Supporting Your New Perch

    While it's not absolutely required, sometimes we will recommend that you purchase a column to support your perch. Our perches are usually bigger/heavier than what you are replacing. Please consider doing this now when making your selection.