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Go Pet | Trixie | Jump | Yaheetech | Tiger Tough | Catry | Heybly | Feandrea | BeWise Cat Trees Cat Tree Replacement Post - Sisal Wrapped - 15" to 20.6" Tall

Go Pet | Trixie | Jump | Yaheetech | Tiger Tough | Catry | Heybly | Feandrea | BeWise Cat Trees Cat Tree Replacement Post - Sisal Wrapped - 15" to 20.6" Tall

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All our replacement columns are heavy duty, tightly wrapped with extra thick premium 3/8" Brazilian sisal rope and solid pine plugs, secured with industrial fasteners. The core walls are thicker and stronger than your original columns making for a sturdier, safer support and more scratching surface area.

No hardware is included. Please retain all of your original hardware. If you have a male end on your column (a threaded rod protruding), check to see if it is a rod that can be removed. If it is permanently installed, we advise you to purchase a threaded rod from our hardware page. If your male end protrudes more than 3/4", please notify us of this fact when you order. Our rods stick out that far when completely inserted. Also, our female ends require a bolt or or rod to be at least 3/4" long in order for it to reach and secure itself to our threads.

If you are unsure of which brand of cat tree you have, it is important that you refer to the FAQ page, under "I'm not sure what brand I have. Which parts do I need?"

IMPORTANT: If you are unsure whether this particular post is equipped with the correct hardware, we will try to guide you to this part of our FAQ page. It will then be your responsibility to follow the simple directions shown there. Please understand that a customer who can't or won't do this will be advised to cancel their order until they are in a position to do so.

To make an informed purchase: Before you order, please review our returns/refunds policy , which is the basis on which all sales are made.

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  • Custom Lengths

    We can make you custom length columns - anywhere from 6 to 47.5 inches. Please contact us for custom column quotes. In general, we need to know the brand of your cat tree or the thread type & size, plus whether your columns have any MALE ENDS (a rod protruding), and the exact length of the column(s) you need.

  • Discounts & Free Shipping!

    You will receive 20% off your order of $150 or more. We are also offering free shipping. Please order now while these terms are in effect.

  • Supporting Your New Perch

    While it's not absolutely required, sometimes we will recommend that you purchase a column to support your perch. Our perches are usually bigger/heavier than what you are replacing. Please consider doing this now when making your selection.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Vimala Pasupathi
Major improvement with a long future

I've had my cat tree for more than a decade, and have tried to keep it in good shape by turning the poles upside down, changing their positions, and glueing the sisal back on. For multiple cats, this was ok... But over the last year, we got Cloud and Cleopatra. Our old trees' poles were no match for them, and they deteriorated within months, becoming not only unsatisfying for them to scratch, but really messy for us to clean up (see the video of me at the height of my despair). That's when we found this site & ordered these new posts, which are thicker and sturdier than anything you might buy elsewhere. Tommy works really hard to make sure you understand how your parts will work with your existing tree and hardware so that you can be confident that when your order arrives, it will be perfect and can be swapped out quickly without fuss.

Cloud and Cleo love the new posts, which look so great and stable that I believe they will last quite a long time. They are so much better than the ones we started with, so now we've got to make the rest of the tree (which we haven't yet patched) worthy of the poles! We totally recommend upgrading from this store.

Thank you, Vimala, for letting other visitors here know about your positive experience, and for giving us all a little peek at your unusual cat tree. I have to admit that there sometimes really are innovative and attractive cat trees coming out of the far east, only using a little imagination and creativity. So I was very relieved to know that we could help restore Cleo and Cloud's favorite tree! The bonus here is that Vimala is personally & professionally invested in the clear and concise use of the English language, so that made my work a walk in the park. Vimala took advantage of our $5 offer to send her two nuts, one of which was likely to match her original hardware. In this case, she discovered that she had M10 x 1.5 hardware - so just note this particular listing doesn't specify that size of hardware. This is why we were happy Vimala opted to receive out little 'nutbag' in order to make this determination before we put her order together. We appreciate Vimala's careful review of what she had in her home, and helping is help her get this right the first time! A delightful customer to work with, we hope to see Vimala again some day when Cleo & Cloud finally destroy our good work. -tommy (owner)

Perfect for the cat tree

This was the first time I was buying replacement parts for my cat’s tree and Tommy reached out to me after I made my purchase and made sure I had all the tools I needed. Really appreciate the communication and assistance!

Mari was wise and receptive to consider the purchase of a stronger (than the original) column to support her new Crow's Nest. The whole renovation of her cat tree was flawless, and we want to congratulate Mari on her imagination and her clever arrangement of our components to improve her cat's tree. We appreciate knowing that we have helped to make one more cat's tree better than new! You did all the research & the actual work on the tree, so this was a breeze for us! Thanks for your very nice feedback, Mari & for putting a little food in our bowls out here in PA! - tommy (owner)

Otis Oscar
Custom made sizzle columns

I requested two sets of two custom length sizzle columns for a cat tree project I had going on. And Tommy made them exactly what I was looking for. And also, while they were two separate orders I had both within 6 days for the first one (weekend involved) and within two days with the second one. Very fast. And greatly appreciated. Thanks Tommy!

Otis contacted us about some custom length columns. He gave us every little bit of information needed to provide him with exactly what would work on his cat tree. He told us the brand, which is Frisco. He also specified that all of the column ends were female (nothing protruding), and the precise length he needed. In his case, he needed 19 1/2' columns. He made it easy for us to get him exactly what would work on his cat tree. After the first two columns were installed successfully, Otis was back for two more custom length posts. We had them out to him the same day. Now his cat tree is MUCH better than new, and his trusty feline companion (a rescue cat) is enjoying her cat tree again! I would like to thank Otis for his kind words and his very cordial communications. Our customers are the BEST, and Otis is no exception. -tommy (owner)