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8x18x5 Crow's Nest - Rounded Platform with Sidewalls

8x18x5 Crow's Nest - Rounded Platform with Sidewalls

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 Will not break, tip or lean. We build heirlooms here. 

Meticulously & lovingly crafted in the USA with skills developed over 35 years. Well balanced, ultra-strong shallow rounded platform.  Upholstered in premium carpet. Outside measurement approx. 18x18x5 in. Interior is approximately 16x16x2 in. Fits with many brands. Attaches with your bolt inserted from above (no threads on bed floor). Column & hardware not included. Optional washable USA-made fleece pillow top insert available for the spoiled kitty. 

This purchase includes a crow's nest cat bed. Column & base not included.

Also available with a carpeted cutaway entrance or a sherpa fleece covered cutaway entrance.

Colors: We ask that you let us choose from our best quality carpet inventory, and send your perch in a shade of brown, beige, or gray. If you have some specific color requirement, please let us know when you order. We don't take back something just because you don't like the color you received.

Note: The crow's nest has a removable carpeted floor on top. Attaching it to a supporting column or post requires that the carpet be removed at the point of connection. Carpet is removed from the center of the underside for a flush connection to the post, and a hole is provided for the bolt. You can specify where these modifications to the perch are made. Please let us know when you order. Otherwise, we will assume that you are centering this crow's nest on your post. It is possible to provide this nest with a threaded insert on the floor in the exact center if you specifically request this option. Otherwise the connection is made with a bolt inserted through the top of the floor and into a female end of a post. We may recommend that you replace the supporting column, but this is not an absolute requirement.

To make an informed purchase: Before you order, please review our returns/refunds policy , which is the basis on which all sales are made.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
My cat loves her new bed!

My cat already is jumping on this tree and I just installed it. She loves it! The bed and post are sturdy and are of good quality. It fit securely on my Trixie Trulia tree. The old bed was too small for my cat. The new bed is large and spacious for her to fit in now. Thank you Cat Tree Parts!

Annie was already prepared when she came to us to get her replacement bed - a crow's nest. She knew the brand - Trixie - which was a brand we have researched. We located a manual for the exact cat tree she had, which is the 'Trixie Trulia Senior Cat Tower' so we were able to know how her original bed (which she was replacing due to it being too small for her cat), as well as how it connected to her tree. Annie knew she wanted our sherpa fleece cutout entrance, as well as our washable sherpa fleece pillow - a really luxurious touch! In addition, she got a supporting column for her new crow's nest, which is much more sturdy than the original, and had the advantage of adding a bit of SISAL ROPE to the tree! We're so satisfied with this restoration, and so impressed with Annie's devotion to her cat. Willow! Thank you, Annie, for your positive review & the excellent photos!!

Judith Rand
crow's nest cat bed with cut out

Poppy loves her new bed and the extra room it gives her. She also really likes having the carpeted sidewalls, as her other bed's sidewalls were of woven banana leaf.

Mari Ulloa
Cozy nest!

My cat loves this new addition to her cat tree! After moving her old cat tree to a new room she refused to explore we had hoped having something familiar would help her go in (didn’t work). After having attached the nest on the cat tree, she warmed up to the room and now spends all her evenings sleeping away on the nest! Super happy with this purchase and Tommy was a great help and made sure we had everything we needed.

Mari read the description of our Crow's Nest and concluded that she needed the support column below it, to ensure her cat's complete comfort and security, as well as the M8 threaded rods. I suggested that her cat might enjoy our US-made washable sherpa fleece pillow, and she agreed that it would add to her feline companion's ultimate luxury & comfort. We were able to confirm her setup by looking over some strategic photos Mari took for us, and this only ensured the success of her restoration project. It was a pleasure to have a customer who took a little time to see how our bed could settle in on her cat's favorite tree, and to have her very focused attention to what she needed (made our job easy!). She told us 'my cat is in love with this nest!' Thank you for your positive comments & for your wonderful photos, Mari! -tommy (owner)

Perfect for shy top perch kitty

I purchased the standard crows nest to replace the top tufted perch of a Frisco cat tree. The kitty is shy so he prefers to monitor from his top perch which doubles as his favorite napping station. Since it was the top perch of a taller cat tree, I wanted something that he could safely sleep in and that would take his destructive habits. So far this perch meets that criteria. It is also a great looking piece of furniture. I joke that the cat now has nicer furniture than his humans! All the pieces I ordered from Cattreeparts were well-crafted and very simple to put together and overall make the cat tree look much nicer. Highly recommend!

Amber was so kind and so easy to communicate with that we are hoping she has more cat trees to improve some time soon! Her original message laid out what she was planning to do, and gave some specific details that helped us provide exactly what she needed. Maybe once they get done upgrading their human furniture (& if there's some budget remaining), we can see her back here to continue adding our superior US-made parts to her cat's tree. -tommy (owner)

Kathy Owens
Amazing craftsman!

My Ragdoll kitten Casper is going to be a huge boy, and at 10 months old already outgrew his favorite perch (13.8”) on his cat tree. I was afraid he would fall asleep and accidentally fall off of it! We like the tree and didn’t really want a new one so I didn’t know what to do to keep my boy safe. Then I turned to Etsy and found Tommy and!

The 18” crows nest immediately caught my eye so I placed an order. Shortly afterwards I received a detailed email from Tommy asking specific questions about my tree to ensure proper fit of the nest as well as that it would connect properly to the existing tree. He was very thorough and explained exactly what he needed to know in an easy to understand way.

I ended up also purchasing a custom support column to replace the existing one for the perch since Casper is so big.

Everything arrived in about a week and I immediately swapped out the parts. The nest itself is wood, extremely sturdy and well made. The hole for the bolt was recessed so nothing would stick up, and when I put the carpet in the nest you wouldn’t even know there was hardware underneath it. The column is so much nicer than the old one! Solid and wrapped in sisal, it lined up perfectly with the tree and fit my existing bolt. We also got the optional fleece pillow which is a nice touch!

I’m so pleased with the entire ordering process and with how easy it was to swap the old parts with the new/improved ones. And as you can see, Casper loves it! He usually takes days or weeks to warm up to something new but he hopped up here right away and enjoys surveying his kingdom daily! Tommy, I can’t thank you enough!! I got to keep the tree that fits my decor and my boy has an attractive and safe nest to chill in! You have a customer for life!

Kathy was one of those customers who took a little time to consider what she needed and compared that to how our nest is outfitted. She saw that this bed is a bit bulkier than her original perch, and so she wisely ordered a new supporting column for it. We appreciate her careful consideration of all of the angles, as well as her very clear communications regarding her cat tree situation, and I have to say that she made it a breeze to help her realize her plan to make a better cat tree for her big boy, Casper. We love the great shots of him enjoying the rsults of your project, Kathy. Please come back some time & see what's new! -tommy

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