About Us



Living in a rented house next to a huge apartment complex, my wife (who I will refer to as "Mrs. Catman" for her privacy) & I soon discovered that we hadn't read the fine print in the lease making it clear that cats would be lost in the shuffle as our many neighbors came & went. We never really checked, but there had to be a sign written in cat language pointing to our home as a safe place. The more cats who came, the more we had to try to keep them safe without becoming a de facto animal shelter.

Little did I know, holding a new 4 year degree in marketing & management, that I would soon be starting a company. I'd be marketing and managing a cat furniture enterprise that would last from 1987 up to the present, through many changes in the marketplace & too many cats to mention in this little essay. All I knew then was that on the year Mrs. Catman dove into married life with me, I dove into the world of making things for cats to use for their daily activities - namely sleeping, scratching, climbing, and sitting on a perch looking out at the birds and other critters.

Mrs. C just asked, "Can you make something out back where some of those cats can be out of the rain & snow?" That led to many more things for cats to use. And thus began our first enterprise, Feline Design Cat Furniture. Soon I'd built a little cat condo called the "Paw Pad". Our own original cats, Dusty & Robbie, seemed to like it enough to send me out to see if I could sell a few. Adorned with a paw print logo Mrs. C designed, it was the first product we actually sold. Eventually, listening to my pet store owners, I got into making carpeted scratching posts, and settled into posts wrapped with sisal rope & then complete cat furniture pieces.

My designs have come & gone. Some (but not the Paw Pad) have lasted almost the entire 35+ years, and remain customer favorites to this day. But our main skeleton, the sisal rope column, is something that has evolved into a very special anchor to our core line of offerings. It's paramount among the qualities of our cat furniture that keep our cherished return customers coming back - some of them for decades. 

If you are here, you are probably looking for some way to repair or to restore your cat tree that you assembled from a kit. It is something you presented to your cats after a weekend of building, and they seemed to like it. But now it is broken. All you want is a structural component that is rock solid & won't let your cats down. That, or you are looking to improve your cat tree in other ways. Either way, you are in the right place. If you take the leap of faith of purchasing something here, you'll be happy you did, and you'll be back for more. That is my aim and my promise to you.

Tommy, ("Catman") Westerhold

Owner, CATTREEPARTS.COM & Feline Design Cat Furniture

Exton, PA