Is it even worth repairing?

If you replace a cheaply made set with another cheaply made set you will pay much more in the long run. The same is true when repairing it with the same manufacturers' low quality parts - if they're even available. Your cat's perch is more than couch insurance. It’s their observation point, their birdwatching nest, and their happy place. You don’t have to put your cat through college, so investing in a safe and durable upgrade may not be a necessity but it’s a fairly inexpensive way to make your fuzzy friends happy.

I’m not sure what brand I have. Which parts do I need?

Since the columns' (specifically) cracked plug inserts are among the most common failures, identifying the proper column should help identify your brand. But even if we can't zero in on who made your cat tree, we can most likely come up with a column/perch that will work for you.

For any repair project, you must REMOVE any column needing to be replaced, and carefully measure its dimensions. You will save yourself time and frustration by carefully examining the part to be replaced, along with its hardware. Don't guess at anything.

Step #1:  Provide us with the brand (if you know it). If you don’t know the manufacturer, don’t worry. We will find you what you need.

Step #2: Remove & carefully measure the length (in inches) of your current column.

Step#3: Identify the thread size of the bolts or studs on your existing tree. This can be done by taking the bolt to a hardware store and finding a matching nut. To save time, many brands use the metric size M8 x 1.25 or M10 x 1.50. Foster Smith may use non-metric threads - like 1/4 x 20. Ask your store for help if you have trouble.

Step#4: Measure the diameter of the column - including the rope. Our column is about 4.5" in diameter, FYI.

If you have difficulty or we are unable to identify your model with the information provided we may ask for a clear photograph of the column. We value our customers time and money and we want to be sure we get you exactly what you need.

Final notes about our columns: Our columns come with secured threaded inserts on both ends (or 2 female ends) to receive a bolt or threaded rod. If you require a threaded rod (male end) you may order a threaded rod from the hardware category. All of our female ends require a minimum of 3/4″ to engage the threads to the recessed nut in our columns. If your hardware is not long enough or just barely long enough we recommend replacing it for a more safe and secure attachment.

What is your return policy?

We allow all our customers a healthy 90 day period to ensure our products are just as solid, sturdy and safe as we claim. If any part we sell fails in this period, or you receive an incorrect order we will replace or refund your purchase including shipping costs.

If you discover that you ordered a wrong part, we will help you to select the correct one. However, we will not pay return or repeat shipping costs in this case.

Please help us help you get it right the first time. Take a look at the "Which parts do I need" section (above) to use as a guide in selecting the proper part for your cat tree.

You can find more information regarding returns/refunds on our Refund Policy page.

When will I receive my order?

Our turnaround time may vary based on a number of factors. Type of product, payment processing time, and time of year (holiday rush etc..) Unlike the box stores we do not slap together stuff assembly line style here. All our components are carefully made and tested and orders are processed in the order they were received. Most orders will be in your hands within 1-10 days, depending upon where you are.

Questions about shipping / tracking

We ship columns, rope, toys & hardware within 5 business days. Perches will take up to 2 weeks.

We usually use UPS Ground. We'll ship via the postal service for smaller items, as we have found this to be the best bang for the buck.

We are currently offering free shipping on all purchases.

Shipping times will vary but even the furthest points typically arrive in 5 days of transit or less with the exception being holiday rush delays.

After you place your order, you will receive an e-mail from tommy@cattreeparts.com (please add this to your approved senders now), personally confirming your order. You will typically receive one more e-mail with the tracking number of your shipment.

You are asked at the time you order to be included in our mailing list. This gets you in on our very rare discounts, offered only once or twice per year. Please include yourself in these occasional special sales. I assure you that we won't be spamming you mercilessly, OK?

For more information, please refer to our Shipping Policies page.

Do you ship internationally?

Over the past 30 years, we’ve been thrilled to make loyal customers as far away as Scotland, Italy, France, England, Hong Kong, Singapore and quite a few in Canada. While shipping to Canada is reasonable, overseas deliveries can be pricey so we like to think of it as a testament to the quality of our products.