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Ratherbee Organic Catnip Pouch, Cat Toys

Ratherbee Organic Catnip Pouch, Cat Toys

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A compact & tough little bag that can take a lot of abuse from a whacked-out cat. Your kitty will go crazy for Ratherbee's Organic Catnip Toys, lovingly made right here in Pennsylvania by artisans who've been dedicated to making cat toys for many years. The craftsmanship & attention to the smallest details are hallmarks of the Ratherbee brand, and are qualities derived only from decades of devotion to their art.

Catnip toys provide hours of entertainment when you are busy or away, decreases anxiety and promotes oral health. You'll crack up watching your kitty attack this tough little sack, and she'll appreciate you sitting & playing with her, too.

Full of premium catnip, this adorable, colorful bag is sure to delight! Available as a single bag, a 2 pack or a 4 pack.

To make an informed purchase: Before you order, please review our returns/refunds policy , which is the basis on which all sales are made.;

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