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Fruppies! They fly around, bounce around, and FRUP around. Yes, Mouse Factory Fruppies are little bouncy cat toys with feathers that will trigger that ancient hunting instinct in your lazy little fluffball.  Stuffed with the finest fresh catnip, and with a wingspan of about 6 inches. Caution, a Four Pak of Fruppies is best hunted by a team of cats!

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  • Custom Lengths

    We have the capacity to produce custom length columns - anywhere from 6 to 47.5 inches. Please contact us for custom column quotes.

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    You will receive $15 off your order of $100 or more. We are also offering free shipping. Please order now while these terms are in effect.

  • Supporting Your New Perch

    While it's not absolutely required, sometimes we will recommend that you purchase a column to support your perch. Our perches are usually bigger/heavier than what you are replacing. Please consider doing this now when making your selection.